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From NEWSWORKS: Teen Spirit Takes an Unexpected Turn

Nimisha grew up in the U.S. in an Indian immigrant family, with parents bent on protecting her from the dangers of permissive American culture. “This meant that I was seriously not popular, and didn’t get invited to much,” she recalls. So when classmates held a co-ed swim party for the entire 10th grade, she had to navigate the restrictions of her family and her lack of experience with American teen fashion and society. more >

From BROAD STREET REVIEW: First Person Arts presents Nimisha Ladva’s “Uninvited Girl: An Immigrant Story”

The scrolling red digital banner wrapped around the Fox 29 building provided an apt epilogue for the First Person Arts Festival’s (FPA) Uninvited Girl: An Immigrant Story. It said our mayor wanted us to watch out for acts of bigotry, but remain calm following Donald Trump’s presidential election win.

That tension between the reality of a painful, precarious social status for many U.S. residents and the faith we place in our government institutions was a theme in writer/performer Nimisha Ladva’s one-woman show. It’s also something those frightened by the implications of Trump’s election must wrestle with. more >